Here’s What We’ve Been Waiting For: Summer Glau On The Cape!

Here’s the promo image we’ve all been waiting for: an image of Summer Glau as “Orwell” on The Cape!

The Cape Summer Glau

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7 Responses to “Here’s What We’ve Been Waiting For: Summer Glau On The Cape!

  1. Oh my Summer!!! ORWELL!!! ♥_____♥

    And is for real!!!

    I’m loosing the control of my legs……

  2. jason says:

    mmmm Summer……. =)

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  4. Christophe says:

    Is it the same nail polish that she used in TSCC ?

  5. kirirur says:

    Yay!! Summer’s back in action!!!! \o/

  6. Roddy says:

    Go Summer goooo!!! :mrgreen: :wub: *_*

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