The Cape To Hit DVD In July

TVShowsOnDVD has revealed that the first season of The Cape is due to hit stores on July 5.

The widescreen release will contain 371 minutes of The Cape on two discs. None of the extras have been revealed, and there is not currently a Blu-ray version planned. Note the title calls it “The Complete Series” – which seems like all the confirmation we need that The Cape won’t be back.

Pre-order your copy from and support the KSiteTV network of sites!

A Cape Soundtrack CD Is Coming

The Cape may be tattered, but composer Bear McCreary has some good news for fans of one of the best parts of the series – the musical score.

Today he Tweeted this:

It’s official! My epic score for THE CAPE is getting released digitally and in an expanded CD set. Release date & details in a few weeks.

So, stay tuned for more infromation!

The Cape Finale Is Now On iTunes

Who knows how long the NBC-released online version will last… so if you want to see the “Endgame” episode of The Cape with more clarity, or have it on the go, you’ll still be in luck, as the finale has now been put on iTunes:

Check it out!

See The Final Episode Of The Cape Online!

At least for now, NBC has made the final episode of The Cape available online.

Watch it below and be sure to come talk about it on our forum!

Preview Clip From Tonight’s Cape Finale

NBC has released a preview clip from tonight’s online-release-only series finale of The Cape. (For more details on that, go here.)



The Final Episode Of The Cape Makes Its Way Online Tonight

Vince Faraday’s journey ends – or at least, we hope there’s a satisfying conclusion! – tonight at midnight, as NBC will be posting the final episode online at

We’ll have an actual link and an embedding if possible when the episode makes its way online.

Here’s the official description of the finale, courtesy of TVLine (who first broke this news):

THE CAPE AND VINCE FARADAY’S WORLDS COLLIDE AND HARD TRUTHS ARE REVEALED — Police Chief Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick) lands behind bars, in the hands of ARK Corporation, fearing he may receive the same fate as Vince (David Lyons). Attempting to learn more about Vince’s disappearance, Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) takes on Marty’s case, and the impervious ARK Corporation , only to discover secrets of betrayal. The Cape’s double identity becomes blurred when Max (Keith David) and the carnival of crime attempt to protect Dana, Marty and his family.

We’ve got a forum thread set up for the final episode over at the Cape subforum at KryptonSite. Come join us to talk about it once you’ve seen it!


Let’s Just Admit It: The Cape Is Canceled, Final Episode To Stream Online

NBC hasn’t officially announced that The Cape is canceled, but a notice on their official site should give a hint about the show’s future.

Remember the fact that they ordered ten episodes, with the tenth still unscheduled?

Well, NBC has now posted this:

Flash: The creators of The Cape are prepping an exclusive episode just for online fans! Keep watching this site in the days ahead to see a full-length special episode.

The episode, which we imagine is called “Endgame” and hopefully provides an actual, satisfying conclusion to the series, is going online only. Which means we probably won’t see it on NBC. Maybe it’ll be televised during a Syfy marathon or something? And hopefully we’ll get a DVD sometime.

The Cape unfortunately just didn’t catch on enough to have the ratings NBC would have wanted. The premiere did well and it was kind of downhill from there. Many people were dismissive without even watching, and some might not have been into the comic book style pacing. Others might have just preferred a fifth season of Heroes regardless of how that show went downhill.

Despite not showing the final episode, I think The Cape was at least given a chance. The show was heavily promoted – at least leading to its premiere – and it had a good timeslot following Chuck. But unfortunately, The Cape didn’t click.

I thank the cast and crew of The Cape who put a lot of effort into doing the show. There were some great actors in front of the camera and some good talent behind it, too. If the show is indeed over, I’d love to see Tom Wheeler do something in the comic book genre again (you did say you were a Daredevil and Power Man & Iron Fist fan right?)

I’d also like to thank the people who visited in the show’s short existence. Maybe it was kind of crazy to create another individual site in the network… but I know the comic book/genre type stuff seems to work well and be liked around here. And if I’m writing an epitaph for The Cape and it ends up coming back – I’ll feel silly for this post, but I’ll be more than happy to take it back if I’m wrong.

The Cape sub-forum will still exist, even after the show is gone… so I hope to see you there.

And one last word – a special shout-out to one of the best parts of the show: the opening credits, with the theme by Bear McCreary… great stuff.

I’ll post an update when the 10th episode is online.

Tonight: The Last Scheduled Episode of The Cape!

Tonight at 9PM, NBC is showing what might be the last scheduled episode of The Cape.

Yes, they ordered 10 episodes, and yes, this is #9… but next week, they’ll instead be running The Event.

Tonight’s Cape episode is called “Razer” and an official description of the episode can be found here. You’re all invited to join in the forum discussion – including a countdown thread that will lead to a LIVE discussion thread where you can talk about the show while it’s on. That thread can be found here.

New Episode Of The Cape Tonight! “The Lich, Part 2″

A new episode of The Cape airs tonight at 9 on NBC. Catch the show while you can!

Here’s NBC’s promo trailer:

Be sure to come by our forum tonight to talk about it!


Is Episode #9 Time To Hang Up The Cape?

Even though ten episodes of The Cape were ordered by NBC, it appears that Monday, March 7 NBC will instead be airing…. the return of The Event.

So far, Episode #10 – which we think is called “Endgame” – is unscheduled.

Could we be down to only two episodes left on NBC? It’s possible… I’ll see what I can find out.

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